Automatic Die Tester

Good randomness is important, so I built a die tester: A stepper controlled by an Arduino spins a transparent box containing the die I want to test, a camera takes a picture that is transferred to my PC, and a python script uses openCV to determine the side of the die that faces the camera. The box was made using BoxMaker and the local FabLab’s laser cutter and then connected to the stepper motor using a little 3D-printed plastic cross thingy (and lots of duct tape).

Added USB MIDI code

I’ve just uploaded the code for my first USB project to Github and updated the project page. :)

USB MIDI Controller

I recently started learning to play the electric guitar. To be able to spend more money on the actual guitar, I forwent to buy an amp and chose instead to use Guitarix, an open source program that can do all sorts of nifty guitar effects. It also has MIDI support, meaning that you can use hardware that speaks MIDI to control it, e.g. a slider or foot pedal. The cheapest pedal I could find went for 45 EUR on eBay, so I decided to build my own.